Wheels on Trees

by Benjamin Diggins

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featuring Simon Amon, Pseudo Slang & Foreign Beggars


released September 21, 2010

All tracks written, arranged and composed by Benjamin Diggins for Bathtub Piracy Recordings. Benjamin Klumperbeek and Niels Gerson Lohman are Benjamin Diggins. Recorded by Benjamin Diggins at Tweed Prison, Amsterdam.

Except for tracks:
#5&11 co-written by Foreign Beggars #3,8,16&18 co-written by Pseudo Slang, #4 co-produced by Simon Amon & Poppa T, #2,4,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,15,16,19,20,21 co-written by Simon Amon, #14 co-produced by Brian de Hond, #11 co-produced by Stefan Glerum, #7,8&17 trumpet by Eduard Ninck Blok, #20 keys by Jules de la Courgette, #6 bass by Nathan Klumperbeek, #10 cuts by Funky Bowman

2010 Bathtub Piracy Recordings



all rights reserved


Benjamin Diggins Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Track Name: Pleased To Meet You (feat. Simon Amon)
pleased to meet you
that'll be a feature
enough with all the talk
yo put it onna speaker
time for coffee
little bit of weed
time to settle in
put it on repeat
yo I think I got something
what I find sounds gold
yo, push the button
just two clicks away from night and day
gotta lotta shit
but that's okay
stay where we chill at the top off the bill
like ol' Gil
we slide downhill
on a green fillin
up on top or not
back to the beginnin
diggin' every spot
hoe's up to the ceilin'
you see us go about
talkin' all that jazz
eazy on the solo
but that'll come to pass
Track Name: Thump Factor (feat. Simon Amon)
produced by Benjamin Diggins, vocals by Simon Amon & Benjamin Diggins, trumpet by Eduard Ninck Blok
Track Name: Good For You (feat. Simon Amon)
mr.d get in line
the bitches ova hea
from the side to the front
I see the kittens everywhere
c'mon b
let's do this we pop-lockin' the beat
the heat rockin' your feet
the ladies seek out the seed
cause it's just what they need
summa this summa ah
sum good lovin
ain't that something
knocking boots unna-until the man come
cause that's how it is when you wanna take a whiz
and you gotta take a seat cause you can't do it standin up
now boys and girls
gather round
it's boogie the beat
and dig the sound
it's just us kids in town
so clap your hands to what we say
cause this type of shit kinda walks this way
the rhythm you got, that ass you pop

I know what's good for you
I know some people who like the truth
but this is what you got to do

c'mon dance
even though you don't know how to dance
I bet ya learned how to raise hands
let the drum beat shake your pants

you want the district dj playin
a little bit of yesterdayin
guess that's your way of prayin

I know what's good for you
I know some people who like it too
some of them you might wanna do
Track Name: Mididay (feat. Pseudo Slang & Simon Amon)
produced by Benjamin Diggins, vocals by Pseudo Slang & Simon Amon
Track Name: She Left Me
I miss your shoes I miss your underwear
I miss your smell I miss you everywhere
I miss you cause you went away
had bigger plans than yesterday
I said my love, one love one life
you said hey, you're in my light
and if I cared to have the cat
I said A: his name is Tommy
and B: how you gonna be like that?

I miss you even in my mind
even in my sleep

and I'm sittin in my underwear
tears on my legs with the love in my head
and a too big a bed
back then you used to be all over me
now it's all about
you for you, just you being free
said I wasn't there when you needed me
don't you know I book my flights very far ahead?
so I missed your sisters wedding and now she's dead
sorry about that, love doesn't get planned like life does
now I miss you more than you miss me
why don't you miss me?
and all this time I try to do whatever pleases you
but you don't miss me
like I'm yours but you're not mine
and now I miss you

you took my music away